Хостинг Hetzner поломали

Hetzner разослал текст следующего содержания:

Dear Client,

We were informed yesterday, Wednesday 5 October, about an improper access to our internal system.

As far as we can presently reconstruct, the attackers could have been able to access internal customer data on Hetzner Online's administrative systems.

As soon as we were made aware of this, we immediately began to reconstruct the incident. To our present knowledge we have no information regarding data abuse from customers. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to exclude this possibility completely and we would therefore ask that you change all passwords on your Hetzner system immediately as a precaution.

We recommend that you do not use identical passwords for multiple systems.

We make every effort to ensure that your customer data is in safe hands. Data security is a very high priority for us. However, it is unfortunately not possible to completely exclude incidents such as this from happening.

To ensure complete and transparent clarification, we shall shortly be reporting this incident to the regulatory authorities.

The current status of the investigation may be seen on hetzner-status.de

We thank you for your understanding and for placing your trust in us.


Кмментарий Roem.ru: однако. При этом Hetzner - один из самых популярных хостингов в Рунете.