Умер основатель проекта Debian Ян Мёрдок

Debian.org сообщил о смерти Яна Мёрдока. Программисту было 42 года. Официальная причина смерти, она случилась 28 декабря, на момент публикации не раскрывается. Arstechnica.com пишет сегодня, что 27 декабря Мёрдок был арестован, затем выпущен. В твиттере Мёрдока (сейчас закрыт) кто-то делал записи о самоубийствах, о тайнах которые надо унести, и конфронтации с полицией.

Debian — это один распространённых дистрибутивов GNU/Linux. Проект Debian назван по имени самого Яна (Ian) и его бывшей жены (в 1993 году ещё подруги), Дебры (Debra). Debian лежит в основе таких популярных дистрибутивов, как Ubuntu, Linux Mint и многих других. Первый релиз Debian был в сентябре 1993 года.

С 2011 Мёрдок работал вице-президентом в Salesforce Marketing Cloud, дочерней компании Salesforce.com. С ноября 2015 и до смерти в Docker.com.

Bits from Debian - Debian mourns the passing of Ian Murdock

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    7:12pm: I am a white male, make a lot money, pay a lot of money in taxes, and yet their abuse is equally doned out. DO NOT CROSS THEM!
    7:08pm: This was right after the female officer ripped off my underwear.. I guess that’s not considered rape if you’re not a woman being raped.
    7:03pm: «We’re the police, we can do whatever the fuck we want..»
    6:49pm: What does one have to get education wise to become a police officer.. asking for a friend.
    6:42pm: The rest of my life is to fight against the police.. they are NOT friends, so don’t ever ever believe otherwise.
    6:41pm: The police are uneducated, evil, and sadistic. Do not trust them.
    6:33pm: (2/2) They are uneducated, bitter, and and only interested in power for its own sake. Contact me imurdock@imurdock.com if you can help. -ian
    6:31pm: (1/2) The rest of my life will be devoted to fighting against police abuse.. I’m white, I made $1.4 million last year,
    6:07pm: i’m hoping coming from a successful white guy it will help everyone
    6:06pm: i’m going to post my case on my blog.. if anyone can post it on hacker news or wherever i would apprieciate it
    6:00pm: @jacksormwriter wants me dead
    5:48pm: Writing up my experience for others to hopefully prevent others from police abuse then you won’t hear from me again
    5:45pm: where they put you in a cell with absolutely no instructions whatever aside from the spell on the floor in piss?
    5:45pm: shall i post pictures for all my bruises from my against the police officers?
    5:38pm: they said no
    5:38pm: i asked if they had cameras
    5:37pm: then followed my home from there
    5:37pm: i had to have swtitches
    5:36pm: then they pulled me out of my house and did it again
    5:36pm: they followed me home
    5:36pm: i had to go to the hospital
    5:35pm: they beat the shit out of me twice, then charged me $25,000 to get out of jail for battery against THEM
    5:34pm: if anyone wants to come over and see what the police did to me i would be more than happy for that
    5:30pm: I’m not committing suicide today. I’ll write this all up first, so the police brutality ENDEMIC in this so call free country will be known.
    5:27pm: Maybe my suicide at this, you now, a successful business man, not a NIGGER, will finally bring some attention to this very serious issue.
    5:25pm: My career is over now, so I’ll be gone soon.
    5:23pm: Quote: «We’re the police, we always win.»
    5:22pm: I’ll write more much later. They still don’t have cameras on all police so I’m going to use my somewhat celebrity to hopefully stop this.
    5:21pm: My bail for «assault against a police officer» are all that: $25,000.
    5:20pm: Then beat me up some more.
    5:20pm: I’ll write more on my blog later. But the police here beat me up for knowing on my neighbor’s door.. they sent me to the hospital.
    5:17pm: https://t.co/I1CSCJErWf
    5:14pm: watch my blog later http://ianmurdock.com
    5:13pm: i’m committing suicide tonight.. do not intervene as i have many stories to tell and do not want them to die with me #debian #runnerkristy67